Power connection


The electrical connections necessary for the supply of power and lighting to the stand are provided exclusively by IDEA Expo services.

The offer includes making electrical connections (cables terminated with sockets) in a place indicated by the customer, with appropriate power:

→ 0.1 - 3.0kW (1x16A) with CEE 16A 3pin (2P+Z) 230V socket

→ 0.1 - 9.0kW (3x16A) with CEE 16A  5pin (3P+Z+N) 400V socket

→ 9.1-14.0kW (3x25A) with CEE 32A 5pin (3P+Z+N)  400V socket

→ 14.1-18.0kW (3x32A) with CEE 32A 5pin (3P+Z+N) 400V socket

→ 18.1-36.0kW (3x63A) with CEE 63A 5pin (3P+Z+N) 400V socket

→ 36.1-50.0kW (3x80A) with CEE 125A 5pin (3P+Z+N) 400V socket

→ 50.1-70.0kW (3x125A) with CEE 125A 5pin (3P+Z+N) 400V socket

→ Execution of customized electrical connections  (after consultation with the technical team and individual pricing)

Electrical installations of stands are switched off every day after the pavilions are closed.

In justified cases, it is possible to order a 24-hour connection of receivers (e.g. cooling devices, telecommunication equipment, alarm systems, etc.) from special circuits dedicated for this purpose:

→ 24-hour socket 230V (hermetic with 1x10A ground)

→ 400V 24-hour socket (CEE 16A 5pin (3P+Z+N))

According to the technical regulations in force in the MTP fairgrounds, the electrical system at the stand should be protected with 30mA residual current devices. MTP offers the possibility of renting switchboards equipped with such a device with the desired (and adapted to the connection power) number of circuits (230V sockets) :

→ renting the switchboard 3 circuits. (1 phase)

→ renting the switchboard 6 circuits. (1 phase)

→ renting the switchboard 9 circuits. (1 phase)

→ renting the switchboard 12 circuits. (1 phase)

Therefore, in order to gain access to the 230V socket at the stand, it is necessary to order not only the 0.1 - 3.0kW (1x16A) electrical connection terminated with 16A 3pin (2P+Z) CEE socket but also the 230V switchboard 3 circuits. (1 phase)

NOTE: Those who orders electrical connections are obliged to pay a fee for the use of MTP power network, the amount of which depends on the connection power and the duration of the event (the current rate is announced by the Organiser in the Terms of Participation in the Fair).