Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


What is the bandwidth of the Internet connection?
The basic connection to the Internet does not have a specific guaranteed bandwidth. Global bandwidth is shared by all connected exhibitors. In practice, the bandwidth available for one exhibitor is not lower than 8 Mbps. We also provide connections with guaranteed bandwidth.

Is it possible to guarantee the quality of services (QoS)?
Yes, according to the ordered guarantee level. The service can be ordered via the strefawystawcy,pl portal.

What are the hardware requirements for a computer to connect to the Internet?
One UTP cable terminated with an RJ45 plug is delivered to the exhibitor's stand. To connect the computer to the network, it must be equipped with an Ethernet network card (or FastEthernet, or GigabitEthernet).

What are the requirements for configuring your computer's network settings to connect to the Internet?
To access the Internet, you must have the appropriate settings in your computer's operating system configuration. This applies to the IP address, you need to set automatic IP address and DNS server. The assigned IP address belongs to the private pool (address from the network). Communication with the Internet is based on dynamic address translation (NAT/PAT). The second component is the need to disable network authentication (according to IEEE 802.1x protocol).

Is it possible to obtain an external permanent public IP address?
The exhibitor may be assigned a public subnet of IP addresses (additional technical service, ordered via the portal) on the same principles as in the case of private addressing (automatic assignment via DHCP server). The number of such addresses is limited.

What are the requirements for proxy server configuration?
MTP does not prohibit the use of proxy servers. However, please pay attention to the configured proxy server address, it must be in a pool of public addresses (otherwise it will not work properly).

What are the security conditions?
Persons using the network access service do it at their own risk. MTP is not responsible for any potential problems resulting from the use of the network.

In the event that the Exhibitor violates the rules of safe use of access to a computer network, MTP shall have the right to suspend the provision of this service

What is the area of activity of the network of exhibitors?
The range of the network of exhibitors includes exhibition areas in all exhibition halls and conference rooms. The connection may also be made outdoor, such an expectation must be confirmed by the technical services of the MTP Group.

Where will the connection be made?
When ordering a service, the Exhibitor should specify the location of the connection. If there is no information about the location of the connection, the UTP cable terminated with an RJ45 plug will be routed to the back of the stand or to its back wall. The cable will have an additional reserve of 3-5 metres in length at the location of the cable connection.

Is it possible to connect more than one computer to one connection?
Yes, you can. For this purpose it is necessary to "duplicate the signal" by means of a network device such as a hub or switch with a sufficient number of ports. In order to protect the safety of exhibitors, we limit the number of possible computers connected to one connection to 8 MAC addresses. Increasing the number of exhibitors is a service ordered by the portal.

Please pay attention whether the connected network device supports the STP protocol, if so then this functionality should be disabled. The exhibitor may hire a network device from MTP or use its own.

Are the specific requirements of the Exhibitors fulfilled?
Depending on the Exhibitor's needs, it is possible to change the standard configuration of the connection. The following services are offered:

  • assigning a public IP address
  • separation of protected virtual network (VLAN) for the exhibitor (as a standard, traffic between LAN connections is blocked, which prevents users from communicating with each other within the LAN)

Changing the standard configuration of the connection is carried out with the service ordered by the portal.

How to obtain additional technical information related to IT services?
Information on the Internet connection can be found on our website at , and the service is also available in English at

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Trade Fair Technical Services section:

Administration Building, ground floor (Entrance from ul. Glogowska, as well as from the MTP site)
Phone. +48 61 869 2333
Fax +48 61 869 2330
e-mail: tech

Is the price of the Internet connection the final price?
No additional charges are added to the ordered service

Is the price for making a telephone connection with a VOiP telephone the final price?
No. After the event, the Exhibitor is additionally charged for calls made according to the operator's billing.

Will the service be cheaper if I connect my phone?
No. It is not possible to connect one's own device.

How to place an order for Internet connection and other ICT services?
An order should be placed through the portal.