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Many exhibitors trusted us. There are market leaders among them, small and middle enterprises as well as state administration offices, local government offices and trade organisations.


In 2013 Ferrari Warszawa once again has entrusted the construction of the MOTOR SHOW exhibition stand to the IDEA Expo team. Both the design and the execution were at the highest professional level. The contract was completed on schedule and with consideration to our individual, often non-standard requirements. IDEA Expo team maintained constant contact with us, both during the design phase, the construction of the stand, and the Fair, when they supported us by providing the necessary facilities to host evening events for Clients.

The stand of Ferrari Warszawa was the most beautiful and attractive of all at the MOTOR SHOW. It attracted the greatest interest of the public and the crowds were always around it.

In the last year we decided to build the stand which could be used several times and which after the Fair was dismantled and deposited in the MTP warehouses, all the more we are going to return to Poznań in the next years.

Our special thanks go to the stand designers, as well as our personal advisor and supervisor.

Dante Cinque
President of the Board
Granturismo Italia Sp. of o.o.


I wanted to thank you once again for the cooperation in designing, manufacture and installation of the stand as well as for the help with dealing with all kind of unusual  cases (catering, a hostess, additional installation…).

There were less and more stressful moments, sometimes everything went according to the plan, another time something surprised us, but the most important is - that you were looking for solutions together with us!

Finally everything turned out to be a success; both our clients and partners, employers and other visitors liked the stand very much. All our additional needs were quickly realized. This enabled us to work in the comfort during these several days and focus on the most important issue – making the most of the fair and establishing new contacts as well as building relationships with our current customers and partners.

Therefore once again I express my gratitude for  your professionalism and willingness to cooperate and help even in stressful moments.

Barbara Matkowska-Włosek
Director of Marketing
(Strategy Partner of EXPOPOWER)


BUDMA Construction Fair is a key event on the Polish construction market, which is why VELUX – one of the world’s leaders in roof window business – cannot afford to not participate in it. We have been operating on the Polish market for more than twenty years, and providing our customers with the best solutions aimed to bring light and fresh air to their attic stories, pursuant to our motto: ‘where there is light, there is also life’.

This year we decided to have our BUDMA exhibition stand arranged by IDEA Expo construction team, and it was the right decision. Our stand, which had a total surface of 200m2, made us feel as if we were literally in heaven. The stand was not only amazing thanks to its beauty and unorthodox design, but it was also comfortable, functional and it promoted establishing business contacts. This was confirmed by handing us the Acanthus Aureus award, which is awarded for a stand concept that contributes the most to implementing one’s adopted marketing strategy. We were certainly able to stand out from the mass of exhibitions stands and to astound both the audience and our competition. 

We also appreciate the individual care provided by a consultant assigned to us who arranged for every detail of matters pertaining to our exhibition stand. This enabled us for the first time to focus solely on preparations for the exposition itself and meetings with clients. Based on the professional attitude of Poznan International Fair as well as the scope of such comprehensive and versatile care provided during our participation in the fair, we are seriously considering resuming our cooperation in the future.

Agnieszka Cieśla
Marketing Communications  Manager


I hereby would like to express my satisfaction with the co-operation with IDEA Expo during the construction works of the stand for the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań during the POLEKO 2012 fair.

I wish to emphasize the high quality of the stand, the professional execution manner at all stages (from design to final construction), as well as the reliability of the contractor and fulfilling the time limits and technical arrangements. Also the communication manner, comprehensive execution of the orders, as well as unique and individual approach to our needs and expectations deserve particular attention.

Thank you once again for your contribution in our exposition in the POLEKO 2012 fair.

Marek Zieliński
WFOŚIGW in Poznań



Technology Machines, presented themselves very professionally and attracted the attention of visitors. The company's employees showed professionals, specialist knowledge and skills of advising clients on issues related to the preparation and implementation of orders, including select and mark covered materials.

We recommend IDEA Expo as a professional contractor and reliable partner for cooperation.

Karolina Lipka
A senior specialist
Information and Promotion Section
National Centre for Research and Development



Once more we asked the Fair stand construction team, which has recently changed its name to IDEA Expo, to construct stands of brands we are a general representative of in Poland (GOLDWELL, KMS California, OLYMP i EFALOCK) during the LOOK Fair. This year our exhibition was composed of three spaces representing separate groups of products, every one of which required a different concept approach.

We put a special stress on presenting KMS California brand, making its debut during the LOOK Fair. We wished hairdressers got to know the advantages of KMS California products for hair care and styling in the broadest aspect possible. That is why our stand comprised a stage (with shows organized on it), a sales area where the products could be bought, a comfortable space for business talks and a PR stand.

The second of our stands, OLYMP, was dedicated to the equipment for hairdresser’s parlours. This highly elegant stand was designed as an operable hairdresser’s parlour. In our opinion, nothing compares to presenting equipment in actual settings when it comes to stimulating imagination.

EFALOCK stand, on the other hand, was a typical sales stand where the visitors could buy almost all the products included in our offer.

We are impressed by the  professionalism of IDEA Expo team. Our stands were wonderfully designed, adopted to the needs of each brand and made perfectly. KMS California stand was chosen the best-designed stand reflecting a marketing concept in the plebiscite called Acanthus Aureus. It is worth emphasizing that the partner relations translate into a complete certitude that our participation in the fair will always run smoothly. Our many-year cooperation created trust which is hard to overestimate. We would like to thank you very much for your help and commitment.

Sales ExecutiveWojciech Klimkiewicz
Dyrektor Handlowy


We take pleasure in thanking you for fruitful cooperation during the several times we participated as exhibitors in fairs in Poznań. After analysing several offers we chose Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie as the designer and builder of our stands during BUDMA 2011 and 2012 as well as ITM METALFORUM 2011. The concept and design were adjusted to our needs and the stand was appreciated not only by our personnel but what is most important, by our guests.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that each time the project was adjusted to different offers of our various product lines but always maintained a consistent aesthetic design. The quality of the constructions themselves as well as dedicated graphic elements was always top level.

We are glad that our stands met with interest from our guests, part of whom were not yet our customers at the time. We believe that the work of the Design Team matched well with our marketing activities.

We recommend Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Design Team as a trustworthy and reliable partner in company marketing at trade fairs. While planning future participation in fairs in Poznań we will ask MTP for presenting their stand concepts.

Commercial Director


We would like to thank the project team of the Poznan International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o.) for the involvement in preparing fair displays for Bank BGŻ. We used the support of the a/m company several times during events targeted at the agro sector, e.g. during the POLAGRA and FARMA fairs in Poznan and AGOTECH in Kielce.

The comprehensive scope of cooperation always included stand design and construction as well as taking care of its proper functioning throughout the entire event. The a/m company carried out all their tasks properly showing a great deal of professionalism, meeting deadlines, being flexible and very well organised. The ability to cooperate with representatives of Bank BGŻ should be emphasised. It was based on the understanding of our needs at every stage of the project, which translated into original and unique arrangements being in accordance with the assumptions regarding the visual identity of Bank BGŻ. 

Thanks to the Poznan International Fair team which designed and built our stands our preparations for the fairs focused mainly on marketing and sale activities. Cooperation with the Poznan International Fair resulted in a great success which is satisfaction of our customers. We truly recommend the Poznan International Fair team to other potential clients as a reliable firm which professionally performs its tasks.

Maciej Piskorski
Director of the Agribusiness Financing Department, Bank BGŻ


From the very beginning of its existence National Council of Water Management (KZGW) has been participating in the POLEKO fair organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. In 2011 we decided to entrust the MTP team with organizing our stand. 

Thanks to that it definitely stood out against the Rother stands. Visited by many guests we had an opportunity to present our recent undertakings carried out by National Council as well as the regional Councils of Water Management. It is my considered opinion that thanks to the cooperation with the MTP team our participation in the fair resulted in a great success.

Leszek Karwowski
President of National Council of Water Management


I hereby would like to confirm a successful completion of implementation of the public procurement "The organisation and service of events of the Ministry of Regional Development during the Polish Presidency of the European Union Council", the contractor for which was Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (...). I further would like to express (...) gratefulness to the whole MTP team involved in the above procurement implementation for professional approach at each project stage, for the high organisational efficiency, effective cooperationthumbnail_obraz_032.jpg with the representatives of the ordering party as well as the kindness which was one of the crucial elements influencing the ease of the task execution. 

I would also like to emphasis that the efficient events organisation is honoured by their participants, what is the best confirmation of your professionalism and involvement. (...)

Monika Kusina-Pycińska
Department of the European Union and International Cooperation

/a fragment of an acknowledgement letter presented to the MTP Board Director, Mr Andrzej Byrt; IDEA Expo was responsible for rendering the graphic and printing services, project and settings/decor realization as well as providing furniture/


Consorzio Dolomiti – Regione Veneto confirms that the participation in Poznan Fair has been a full success. Our stand was visited by many guests, and we had the opportunity to present the location and special offers of the Dolomites and Veneto Mountains in a very interesting way.

We would like to thank the whole team of IDEA Expo for excellent cooperation as well as for the possibility to present our stand in a promotional movie.

Valerio Tabacchi
Consorzio Dolomiti – Regione Veneto


We entrusted to IDEA Expo, i.e. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, the complex organisation of the stand at GMINA 2011 fair. Our cooperation consisted of designing and construction of the stand, as well as preparing and distribution of advertisement materials and multimedia service.

The TAURON stand stood out among others with its large format printings, heightened walls and raised LED-lit floor. The designer also took care of full compatibility of graphics with our company’s Visual Identification System. Each element of the stand was well-considered as to receive the most optimal effect without bearing exorbitant costs.

Jolanta Mrówczyńska
Marketing Office Manager


The Leasing Companies of BZ WBK (BZ WBK Leasing and BZ WBK Finanse & Leasing) constitute the part of the BZ WBK capital group. As the universal lessor, the Companies offer financing of a wide range of fixed assets to clients from the SME sector as well as to big companies and corporate clients.

We have been successfully cooperating with the Poznań International Fair for over two years on construction of stands for the trade fairs in Poznań, Kielce, Kraków and Bednary. First of all, we appreciate professionalism of consultants demonstrated by understanding of our needs. We were building our partnership and trust step by step.

Currently we can almost totally rely on ideas and professional suggestions of the MPT employees. Accordingly, the arrangement of participation in the trade fair takes us much shorter time and, consequently, we can focus on planning of promoting and sales actions.

One of the most interesting projects prepared by MTP was the external hall of the total space amounting to 100 m2 prepared for the agricultural trade fair Agro SHOW 2010 and 2011. In this case, the attractive image of the hall was combined with functionality comparable to that of a standard office.

The cooperation with MTP so far has been so successful that we hope to continue it within the projects to follow. We also like the idea of launching a new brand under which the team providing service to the trade fair events will operate. Due to that, services in the area of stand construction will certainly be easily identified among exhibitors and they will be always associated with high quality.

Michał Kacprzak
coordinator for business support
Office of Business Development and Sales Support
BZ WBK Leasing SA BZ


The cooperation of Polwell Sp. z o.o. with Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie included designing and construction of a fair stand during one of the most popular fairshow of the hairdressing trade in Poland – LOOK 2010. MTP performed its task without giving rise to any concern. An attractive project, good work, prompt and friendly service are the qualities which we were happy to find during our cooperation. The fact that we could rely on the team's help and support during the whole fair event is no less important.
We can highly recommend the above company which reliably and professionally designs and constructs fair stands.

Ewelina Kopera
Polwell Sp. z o.o.


Each year John Deere Polska participates in at least 3 exhibitions organised by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. During each one of the fairshows we have been trying to prepare distinctive tools of communication with visitors as well as tools of developing relations with current Customers. The service offered by the exhibition organiser – MTP – is very broad and comprehensive. The distinctive creativity, exceptional flexibility and promptness of the MTP Team who deals with the development and preparation of various communication tools deserve special emphasis. It provides us with a stand prepared on time and remaining in visitors' memory for the next months.

Piotr Dziamski
Branch Tactical Marketing Manager
John Deere Polska Sp. z o.o.


We have been cooperating with Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in the scope of stand construction for years, both in Poznań and other fair centres. We are always pleased to have a stand which is not only well designed and functional but also optimised in respect of the quality/price factor. We appreciate individual support of each our fair appearance that allows us to spare a lot of time and be sure of the final effect. The constant cooperation is also a guarantee of coherence of all projects and their full compatibility with the Zetor company's system of the visual identification. It's worth emphasising that the project of each stand enables a free access to our products for the visitors as well as their efficient service. As far as agricultural fairshows are concerned this is the key issue, as most of the visitors are end customers.

Roman Libar
Member of the Board
Zetor Polska Sp. z o.o.


In 2011Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie was responsible for preparing the Polish national stands organised by Book Institute for the international book fair in London and Frankfurt. The scope of cooperation included preparation of the stand, transport of materials as well as the ongoing service of the stand during the fair. All tasks were performed faultless. The cooperation between Book Institute and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie was efficient what has been confirmed by the publishers who were present at the stands. It is our considered opinion that MTP is a fully professional company which perfectly performs tasks of this kind.

Ryszard Skrzypczak
Deputy Director of Book Institute


So far we have cooperated with the Poznań International Fair two times. First during Polagra-Tech fair with an area of 900m2 and then at Bakepol fair with an area of 300 m2.In both cases the Poznan International Fair showed full professionalism. Comprehensive construction of stands, provision of audio-visual equipment and technical support during the fairs were all properly done. We were pleased to cooperate with the Poznań International Fair as they displayed great involvement and provided professional service.

Beata Kołodziej
Specjalista d/s reklamy
Cream Sp. z o.o.