World-class outdoor event organized by out team


CAVALIADA SUMMER ŚWINOUJŚCIE - the only event of its kind in Europe is behind us!

As the general contractor of Cavaliada Summer Świnoujście technical infrastructure, we proudly present the result of our team's work. The professionally built sports complex on Świnoujście Beach allowed for the perfect organization of this unique global-scale event. Several months of planning and preparation, along with two weeks of assembly, made it possible to create:

  • professional parcour
  • relaxation areas
  • stables
  • tribunes for the audience
  • tents with a VIP zone
  • sanitary facilities
  • technical rooms
  • complete AV infrastructure
  • trade exhibition

It was not an easy task, as there was no existing infrastructure on the beach. Moreover, even the sand had to be replaced with specialized ground.

And the result? See for yourselves in the pictures below.

Such challenges provide us with an opportunity to show our multidisciplinary competencies in the comprehensive arrangement of mega-events, as these are the only show jumping horse competitions organized on a beach in Europe.