Successful half-year for trade fair industry


The fair industry has rebuilt after almost two years of lockdown

After a difficult period for the exhibition industry, the beginning of the year brought a lot of positive changes. The fairs returned, with the participation of market leaders and a large audience, as well as events where the online support was only an addition to the classic version known from before the pandemic period. Moreover, there was widespread enthusiasm among the participants confirming that most companies waited for the possibility of returning to the meetings in the traditional form.

Among the trade fairs that turned out to be particularly successful was BUDMA, during which the exhibition halls were tightly filled with stands of exhibitors, events in special zones and, of course, exhibitors and visitors. Other fairs that can be considered successful are INSTALACJE, SAWO, SECUREX, GreenPower, Meble Polska, ITM Industry Europe and the Poznań Motor Show.


We also managed to build several stands outside Poznań, among them the stand of the Association of Fruit Growers of the Republic of Poland at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin, several stands at the agricultural fair in Kielce, 150 stands for the Amberif fairs in Gdańsk, JAFAR in Bydgoszcz and Munich. 

 What we would like to pay special attention to is the fact that since this year we have started to implement on a mass scale an innovative modular exhibition system that completely changes the philosophy of operation of exhibition companies. This system consists of aluminium frames on which fabrics with prints are stretched. It is quick to assemble, aesthetic, provides quality comparable to stands made in traditional technology, and most importantly, does not generate tons of wood-based waste. We are glad that this technology is taking fair halls by storm, and exhibitors - sometimes with reserve approach to new products - are enthusiastic about it, the more that stands made in it are usually cheaper than those made in the traditional technology.

Among the events we handled, and which we would like to mention in the summary of the 1st half of 2022, are:

- PARP conference devoted to the Development Services Base, presenting a new perspective for the years 2021-2027 

- Polish Mechanics Championship, a two-stage event addressed to young car mechanics 

- Local Trends conference in Sopot, the younger sister of the Poznań edition 

- Congress of Polish Construction - an event dedicated to the future of construction 

- Golden Marketing Conference - a must for all marketers 

- Polish Village XXI Congress. in Warsaw 

- UFI European Conference - the most important event of the exhibition industry 

- Impact CEE - a prestigious economic and technological event 

- or finally WUF11 - World Urban Forum, which strongly involved our technical teams in Katowice 

We also managed to complete the EXPO DUBAI 2020 project, where we built the Polish Pavilion and commissioned the revitalized Port Sołacz restaurant in the charming Sołacki Park. We also became involved in the organization of assistance for refugees from Ukraine, we prepared a reception point for them with places of temporary allocation and a central point for collecting gifts brought by residents and companies from Poznań.      


 There is a moment of break ahead of us, to return to work in August with redoubled energy. We wish you a great vacation, see you soon.