Jubinale - premiere of jewelry trade fair in Poznań!


Successful debut of the Gold and Silver Jewelry Fair in the capital of Wielkopolska

Most of us associate only the largest retail chain jewelery brands, with huge sales showrooms in shopping centers. Meanwhile, the jewelry industry, which in Poland can boast a long tradition, is often made up of family businesses where tradition and craftsmanship are passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, these brands are not widely known, or they have a regional reach. And it's a shame because both the design and the quality of Polish jewelers' products are at the highest global level! Fortunately, there are trade fairs organized for this industry, during which jewelry manufacturers can meet with buyers, mostly owners of jewelry stores. And from there, it's a straight path to us - the end customers. We encourage you to shop in these places where the designs are not far from the latest trends, and the prices can be lower.

On behalf of the organizer, we were tasked with building several dozen modular booths filled with glass display cases, which the exhibitors filled with beautiful jewelry.

We thank you for your cooperation and are pleased that next year, from March 8th to 10th, 2025, the jewelry industry will once again be present at the Poznań International Fair