impact'24 - IDEAl event arrangements during a prestigious congress


Nine stages, arrangements on three levels of the Poznań Congress Center and in two pavilions, exhibitor booths, and an open area

impact'24 is behind us, and it certainly deserves the title of the most important economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe. Participants, speakers, and media representatives came to Poznań to discuss the most important changes in the contemporary world and to turn the results of these discussions into changes that meet socio-economic needs. It was two days full of meetings, discussions, and exchange of views. As the technical executor of the event's scenography, we are pleased to have been a part of it. The visual setup was an excellent complement to the substantive part, making participants feel comfortable in the aesthetically pleasing and visually attractive environments we prepared.

We prepared the scenography for:

  • 8 stages (excluding stage technology, which was handled by another event partner), each designed in a different style
  • 18 media corners
  • 18 offices
  • Speakers Lounge
  • Impact art zone, impact zone
  • Receptions, registration, and information points
  • Round Table zones and foyers
  • Bookstore
  • Exhibitor booths, including those for the City of Poznań, Greater Poland under the theme "20 years of Greater Poland in the European Union," RASP, Puls Biznesu, DELL, the French Chamber, Oracal, the Financial Ombudsman, and the MTP Group

Such comprehensive arrangements always create a wonderful event setting. Our strong point is ecotechnology, which we focused on, ensuring that even after such an extensive event, no wood-based waste is left behind.

For such arrangements, feel free to contact us. We will not only prepare a creative concept but also arrange the event space. We will also provide stage technology along with the preparation of multimedia content