impact'23 - quick look at the event arrangement


Unique arrangements tailored to the exceptional event

IMPACT CEE is a prestigious economic and technological event that brings together top managers from major global companies, political decision-makers, regulators, distinguished scientists, world-class experts, and speakers.

Once again, for the needs of this event, we have prepared the arrangement of the entire PCC pavilion on 3 levels, including 8 stages (without AV equipment), the arrangement of pavilions 7A and 8A, several stands, the decoration of the outdoor area, and the entrance zone.

The arrangement was based on aluminium frames with high-quality fabric prints attached to them. The charming aspect is enhanced by beautiful vibrant colours characteristic of this event and numerous decorative elements. This is how ecology, quality, and visual appeal can be wonderfully combined.

It is worth mentioning the stages, as there were 8 of them, and all looked splendid. On our side, we prepared comprehensive scenography surrounding the screens, which, along with the special lighting effects, were provided by another event partner. Together, we achieved a spectacular effect.

We are convinced that when it comes to comprehensive arrangements of large-scale events while maintaining the highest standards of sustainable development, we have no equals. We also have top-class AV equipment to provide these types of services comprehensively, whether it's at the Poznań Congress Center or at any location chosen by the client.

We invite you to cooperate with us.