Sets for drinks


Symbol: SZK-S-00010 / SZK-S-00020 / SZK-S-00030 / SZK-S-00040 / SZK-K-00010 / SZK-K-00020 / SZK-K-00030 / SZK-K-00040


Size: for 6 persons

Description: Drink set - a choice of glasses for cocktails, beer, wine, champagne, vodka, whiskey as well as glasses

Price for set: 15,- PLN or 18,- PLN

Net price of hire for the duration of trade fair or up to 6 days including delivery to the stand on MTP premises. Please contact us for other options.

SZK-S-00010 GLASSES 200ml (6pc.) 18,00 PLN
SZK-S-00020 COCKTAIL GLASSES (6pc.) 18,00 PLN
SZK-S-00030 WHISKY GLASSES (6pc.) 18,00 PLN
SZK-S-00040 BEER GLASSES (6pc.) 18,00 PLN
SZK-K-00010 CHAMPAGNE GLASSES (6pc.) 15,00 PLN
SZK-K-00020 COGNAC GLASSES (6pc.) 15,00 PLN
SZK-K-00030 WINE GLASSES (6pc.) 15,00 PLN
SZK-K-00040 VODKA GLASSES (6pc.) 15,00 PLN